Yeah, Science B*tch! The Number of Calories Burned Per Mouse Click


Turns out there’s an actual, quantifiable amount of calories burned every time you click a mouse, which means that just by reading this article, you’re already kinda sorta exercising. Y’all are welcome.

According to Rocket News, a recent book entitled “Convert Anything to Calories”  calculated the “total volume of the muscles used to bend the index finger to be 10.8 cubic centimeters with a total weight of 11.7 grams.”

With those measurements in mind, scientists determined that average number of calories burned by mouse click comes out to around 1.42 calories per click.


Of course, the article didn’t reveal whether this number changed according to the kind of mouse used or whether right clicks did any more than left clicks or vice versa. The book also included the disclaimer that “the calculation assumes the muscle contracted completely, so the actual amount of calories used is a little less.” But that doesn’t make this discovery any less neat.

A quick Google search suggests the average person clicks about 427 times per day, so by time you’ve finished reddit-ing tonight, you’ll already have burned at least 600 calories. (More, if you’re also playing LoL.)

Who would’ve guessed all those late-night Youtube binges weren’t a waste of time?

H/T + Picthx Rocket News