This XL Lobster is Stuffed With Truffle Mac N Cheese Throughout

Barton G. The Restaurant subscribes to the bigger is better mantra, as they're well known for wildly over the top presentations of their menu offerings. Imagine a decadent dessert fashioned into a massive bar of gold or even a mini castle serving up your order of rack of lamb and you'll get the vibe at Barton G.


One of Barton G.'s latest creations, however, relies on the actual food itself for the eye popping presentation, as an extra large, 5-6 pound lobster is used as the vessel filled to the brim with decadent truffle mac n cheese — even the lobster's substantial claws are full of the cheesy goodness.

Dubbed the XL Lobster Truffle Mac N Cheese, it's actually a secret menu item that has to be ordered at least two business days in advance to allow for the restaurant to procure a lobster that large. But the wait may be worth it, as the dish is a whole Maine Lobster stuffed with cavatappi pasta, three cheese lobster bechamel sauce, and black truffles served inside the whole lobster shell.

If you're looking to eat some photogenic mac n cheese with your pinky way up, check out Barton G. The Restaurant locations in Los Angeles and Miami.