This Shot Is The Result Of Being A Jerk To Your Bartender

Bartenders provide the serum for a lot of your enjoyable nights. Sure, sometimes drinks don't come out great, but you should still be nice to the guy, or gal behind the counter. If you act like a dick, you might end up with a regrettable drink that will live in on in your memory forever.

You wouldn't think that a shot called "Sunshine in the Mud" would come from a place of malice, but that's exactly how this drink at R10 Social House in Redondo Beach, CA came to be.

Rich from R10 said that he had a hungover customer who was giving him a hard time, all night. The man's drink of choice was a "Bloody Mary, but not a Bloody Mary."

First of all, what?

Second of all, what?!


Maybe not the nicest thing Rich could have done, but he got every foul ingredient he could get his hands on — which sounds like a Bloody Mary anyway — and mixed together this vile shot for the rude customer.

The Sunshine in the Mud has a mix of raw egg yolk, Fernet Branca, tequila, olive brine, horse radish, Serrano chili, lime juice, and a topping of egg white .

In search of the world's worst shots, ever, our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the vile concoction, and when asked about how terrible the shot was, Rudy straight up said:

"I would tell you, but I don't want to remember, because I f*cking repressed that memory."

That's pretty much all you need to know about this shot.