Woman Jailed After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs for Meth


"What are you in for?" One woman's unfortunate answer was that the police thought her SpaghettiOs were methamphetamine.

The Gainsville Times reported that Ashley Huff, 23, was stopped by police on a traffic infraction involving her tag light. The car was allowed to be searched and when the officer looked inside a bag of hers, he found a spoon containing a "clear, crystal-like substance." The officer also noticed sores on the woman, which by deductive reasoning, led him to believe she was probably on something.

The woman tried to explain that it was just leftover residue from SpaghettiOs, but to no avail, as the officer said his field test kit concluded that it was meth.


A month later, she was cleared of all charges as lab results showed no traces of any controlled substances.

Bet she'll never eat SpaghettiOs again.