Wine May Not Be As Healthy For Us As We Thought. Et Tu, Wine?

The British are coming! The British are Coming! To blow our buzz, that is.

The U.K. government has recently issued a warning that red wine may not be as healthy for us as we thought. Thanks for raining on our parade, U.K. government.

It was previously assumed that a glass of red wine a day could work wonders for your body, like help prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. Of course, this is all under the assumption that you're not chugging three bottles a day, ya crazy winos. Some super-nerd scientists even went as far as to say that red wine helps destroy "bad bacteria" in your mouth, effectively doubling as a mouthwash. Assuming, of course, you want your mouth to smell like a bold Syrah or a robust Merlot.


"I'm just trying to be healthy, fuck off with that face, Lisbeth"

The United Kingdom's Chief Medical Officer recently decided to take a fat shit on everyone's dreams by dropping some truth bombs. Professor Dame Sally Davies, the CMO, recently revealed that while a glass of red wine a day may have some health benefits, these benefits really only apply to women over the age of 55. That's about 17% of people.


Considering that Americans have steadily increased their wine consumption over the past 24 years, this new report could bring about dire consequences for American drinkers. The overall theme of the report is "drink less," so it will be interesting to see how it affects American alcohol consumerism.

If I had to guess, I'd say very little. We love our wine and beer, so we're gonna stick to the first report that says its all good for you, kthxbai.

Pic Credit: Library Thing, IGN