Will 7-Eleven Election Coffee Cups Predict Who Wins?

Answer: They have for the last three elections and in 2004 and 2008, the coffee poll was within 1 percent of the popular vote. Not really an answer, but if we're talking politics I might as well be equivocal.

In case you need to play catch-up, the 7-11 election-themed cups lets voters choose between ones marked for Obama, blue, or Romney, red. Available at select locations, each cup chosen is tracked by 7-11 in order to let you know how many Obama vs. Romney cups are being sold and who is "winning" at the time.

After this week's shaky debate, you might be wondering how the coffee polls are doing now. While most agree that the debate was like watching a car salesman argue with a history professor, many were dismayed at Obama's tepid performance. Yet despite the president's lackluster face-off, Obama's still going strong with 60% of coffee drinkers on his side and 40% with Romney.

Nicknamed the "7-Election," the site happily admits to the tally being an "unabashedly and unscientific poll" with surprisingly accurate predictions. For numbers, see below:

2000 Election: 7-Election vs. U.S. Voters


  • George W. Bush*
  •  21% (7-11)
  • 47.9% (Actual)

  • Al Gore
  • 20% (7-11)
  • 48.4% (Actual)

2004 Election: 7-Election vs. U.S. Voters


  • George W. Bush*
  • 51% (7-11)
  • 50.7% (Actual)John Kerry
  • 49% (7-11)
  • 48.3% (Actual)

2008 Election: 7-Election vs. U.S. Voters

  • John McCain
  • 46% (7-11)
  •  45.7% (Actual)
  • Barack Obama*
  • 52% (7-11)
  • 52.9% (Actual)

Oh, and while you're at it #SaveBigBird.