A Homophobic Cake Is The Center of Two Whole Foods Lawsuits

In a back-and-forth legal battle, Whole Foods Market is now countersuing a man who claimed a cake he purchased from a Whole Foods bakery was purposely tarnished with offensive and homophobic language to cause him emotional harm.

Pastor Jordan Brown said he asked for the phrase, "Love Wins," to be written on his cake, but he later discovered the word "fag" had been deliberately added to his requested inscription.

A video below was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Kaplan Law Firm, an employment and civil right attorney representing Brown.

Now, in a twist of legal events, Whole Foods filed a defamation counter-lawsuit, Tuesday. Whole Foods also released a statement on the Newsroom section of their website.


Whole Foods Cake

Whole Foods has also posted a video that appears to show Brown purchasing the defaced pastry on. There are now questions surrounding the location of the scannable UPC label, which appears to be on box top during the time of purchase, but seem to move in Brown's video.

Whole Foods is requesting a trial — so the whole truth to this fiasco could be far from over.