White Rabbit Ice Cream Exists and Has The Internet Going Nuts

White Rabbit is a candy that milks nostalgia from all who have experienced it. The famous rice paper surrounding the candy melts in your mouth leaving a sweet and creamy texture. It's something that never lost its classic appeal, but has always deserved a moment in the spotlight.

Foodbeast's managing editor, Reach Guinto, envisioned evolving that creamy flavor even further and suggested it as an ice cream flavor to Los Angeles ice cream shop chain, Wanderlust Creamery. This collaboration transformed the dream of White Rabbit ice cream into a reality.


Inspired by fond memories of childhood, White Rabbit ice cream was born. Wanderlust mixes real pieces of White Rabbit candy into a custom milk and buttery base, creating an ice cream that delivers an adaptation true to its origin.

The reaction to this ice cream is well-deserved, yet the scope of its reach is far beyond what anyone expected. It first debuted in honor of Lunar New Year with plans to only have it available through the month of February, but it catalyzed a feverish desire to covet it.

For some perspective, Wanderlust's most popular flavor sold 40 gallons within one week in the middle of summer's peak in July, while 39 gallons of White Rabbit ice cream sold in just a day and a half.


Not only is Wanderlust struggling to meet the demand, they are have difficulty sourcing the essential White Rabbit candy itself. Wanderlust is cleaning out wholesale stores such as Laksi, in Los Angeles, but so are other unnamed creameries who have been inspired to jump at the chance to craft their own version. Owners Adrienne Borlongan and Jon-Patrick Lopez drove all over Los Angeles trying to find a distributor, until they got in contact with one all the way in San Francisco to help.

"We were worried people won't be able to get it," shared Borlongan, speaking on if folks would understand and appreciate an ice cream flavor based on the Asian candy. However, examples of consumer fervor within this recent boom came in the form of some patrons traveling as far as 300 miles away only to discover it had already been sold out upon arrival.

Virality is a powerful but misunderstood aspect of the Internet world, and it's unclear how or when White Rabbit ice cream exploded into a media frenzy, but Borlongan has her suspicions, "I think it started with Subtle Asian Traits [Facebook page] sharing it last week," she stated. Since then, the Foodbeast and Wanderlust creation has been featured in news outlets around the world and was a trending topic on WeChat, a social media and messaging app with over a billion active users. Also, other scoop shops globally began creating their own versions of White Rabbit ice cream as well.

White Rabbit ice cream will not be around for much longer, but due to high demand the creamery has decided to make it available through March. We can only hope for a permanent spot in the Wanderlust Creamery collection, but all parties are pleased with this dream coming to fruition in the best possible way.