White Castle Debuts Impossible Burger Sliders At An Affordable Price Point

The Impossible Burger has been spreading like wildfire as of late, with everybody from Disneyland to Fatburger picking it up. The only drawback so far is the cost, which keeps the "bleeding" vegan meat out of the price range for those looking to buy a normal burger. That's all changing now, because White Castle is onboarding Impossible Burger Sliders at an affordable price point.


Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

According to Grubstreet, the sliders will be carried at 140 locations in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. Made with Impossible Foods' signature vegan meat, the burgers will come in a vegetarian format, topped with pickles, onion, and smoked cheddar cheese. It'll be available on the all-day menu, and a single Impossible Slider will cost $1.99 (a combo meal will be sold as well). It's still pricier than most of the burgers on White Castle's menu (where single sliders average at under a buck each), but way more affordable than what the Impossible Burger sells for elsewhere.


What's amazing about this is that for the first time, the Impossible Burger will be available at a much more cost-friendly point, opening up a whole new market of price-conscious consumers that can now sample the vegan meat for the first time. Impossible claims that their meat tastes just like the real deal, and many tasters (including some of us here at Foodbeast) agree with that statement.

White Castle's incorporation of the Impossible Burger confirms that enough mainstream consumers are now ready to replace some of their  meat with similar plant-based analogues. These substitutes aren't necessarily meant for vegans, but are a way to get meat-eaters to swap out some of the real stuff to help reduce the biological and environmental demands current meat production has on the planet. A company with the brand legacy and size of White Castle recognizing and utilizing this trend is huge, and should be a statement to the rest of the industry to take note.

If successful in this test, White Castle will potentially expand the Impossible Sliders to all of their locations nationwide. As for Impossible Foods, they'll be entering later Asia this month for their first ever out-of-country offering.