We've Found the 8th Wonder of the World: Germany Has A Beer Pipeline


Apparently, Germany knows what's up.

While most of us associate pipelines with oil and gas, Germany is doing it right and turning them into beer pipelines. In Gelsenkirchen, Germany, bars in the Veltines-Arena are interconnected by a 5 kilometer beer pipeline. Underneath the enormous stadium are four cooling centers that store 52,000 liters while the pipeline transports up to 14 liters of beer per minute to thirsty patrons.


The pipeline connects to over one hundred bars and restaurants located inside the stadium, with fluctuations in the flow of booze determined by how well their team, FC Shalke 04, is performing.

Apparently, there also used to be one in Randers, Denmark called the Thor Pipeline. The copper pipes originally ran through the Thor Brewery when it was still located downtown and was able to supply beer to the local breweries. However, sometime in the 90s, the brewery relocated out of the city. While the pipeline still exits, whether it's still in use is questionable, with some claiming it's kaput and others claiming it still supplies booze to happy drunks. Hopefully it's the latter, as one would like to think that they wouldn't let such a wonder go to waste.

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