GREEN DRAGON: How to Make Weed Vodka At Home


Disclaimer: This recipe is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only. We'd also like to kindly remind you that any marijuana purchased and consumed should be done legally and is consumed at your own risk.

The Green Dragon ranks as one of the more elusive DIY methods of getting high. The cannabis tincture is a simple enough concept but the methods of creating this weed vodka varies depending on who you ask.

From throwing stems into a half-full bottle of Smirnoff and letting it soak for a few weeks to speeding up the process by heating it in an oven, the recipe for Green Dragon depends on who's making it. Looking to find the most straightforward, stoner-friendly recipe, we went with the soak-and-wait route.

For the extract, use an alcohol that's at least 60 proof -- Bacardi, Smirnoff, etc. We went for Everclear at 151 proof . When your tincture is ready, it should be pretty potent. You can either use an eye dropper and place one or two drops under you tongue or in a drink. The high should kick in after 1 hour and last for 7 hours.


Green Dragon


You'll need:

  • Everclear
  • Shake
  • Sealable Glass Jar

Empty the shake into the jar.


Pour in Everclear to the top of the shake or just above it, depending on how strong you want it.

Protip: for a strong tincture, go 50/50 on the Everclear to shake ratio.



Shake it vigorously for a minute.


Store in a cool, dark place. Continue shaking it once a day for a month.


By the end of the month, the Everclear should have a brown to dark purplish color.


Strain out the shake. While a cheese cloth is usually recommended, we like using cocktail strainers since it slips right over the jar’s mouth.



You can store your Green Dragon back into it’s original container or portion it out in mini jars for convenience.



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