This Bar Serves Up 'Water Flights' And Challenges You To Taste The Differences


You've probably had plenty of beer flights in your day, but how about a water flight?

This Minnesota bar isn't going to have any beers on tap, but it's going to have plenty variations of tap water when it makes its grand opening in May.

What started off as a pop-up back in 2014, the Water Bar will be serving flights of tap water from several local areas, as guests will be encouraged to distinguish the difference in taste, just like you would with a flight of craft beers.



It's more than just water, though, the Water Bar's primary purpose will be to educate people about water, pollution and the potential of shortages.

So it's more like a museum that looks like a bar, and feels like a classroom.

Still, sounds like a good time of drinking with friends and family without having to show the bartender your ID.