Watch This Food Content Creator Recreate Recipes From Popular Cartoons

Photo: Youtube

One thing to be grateful for in the era of social media are the wide variety of unique approaches to food content. When there’s so many cool recipes being tested, it’s proof there’s no limit to what can be done. Someone recreating recipes from classic moments in animated shows and movies is Albert Niazhvinski, otherwise known as albert_cancook

With millions of followers, Niazhvinski knows that there’s something about cartoon food that makes it look ten times more delicious than actual food. I definitely wanted to bite one of those cheesy pizza slices from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up. Keep it real, dumplings never looked better than in Kung Fu Panda. And you can’t forget the iconic donut from The Simpsons, it's so beloved even Krispy Kreme recreated it

From Bob’s Burgers Stupid Black Garlic Burger to Tiana’s Beignets from The Princess & The Frog, Albert shares our love for memorable animated food. To show you that anything is possible with the right mix of hunger and imagination, I’ve made a list of some of his most impressive cartoon recipe recreations.

Before she begins her first day of training, her guardian dragon Mushu makes her Happy Porridge with a slice of bacon and two over-easy eggs. The porridge she eats is actually named congee, a Chinese porridge made from rice. “Look, you get porridge, and it’s happy to see you!” - Mushu

In Sōma Yukihira’s first Food Wars battle at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy he shows that discount meat can be as tasty as A5 beef by cooking a Chaliapin Steak Don. The dish features beef sirloin enhanced by garlic and onion atop pickled plum rice.


Garfield is not only one of the most famous cartoon cats in history, but is also notorious for his love of lasagna. Albert makes this recipe look mouthwateringly easy, resulting in some of the cheesiest lasagna sure to excite the Garfield in all of us.

In The Regular Show, the Ulti-Meatum is considered The Best Burger in the World and is only available once every century. Unfortunately, its cartoon creator, Ajay Maldonado, perished in a deadly food truck accident, taking the recipe along with him to the grave. Hoping to keep his spirit alive, Albert tries his hand at recreating the legendary burger.


In The Princess & The Frog, Tiana dreams of one day opening up her very own restaurant. When her friend Charlotte shares news of a Prince coming to town and pays Tiana a lump sum to make her “man-catching beignets,” she happily accepts. Beignets are considered a delicacy in New Orleans where the animated movie takes place.

Ratatouille is about a rat named Remy that dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. In order to do so, he must team up with Linguine, a garbage boy at a famous French restaurant. One way Remy wins Linguine over is by making him an omelette in one of the film's most memorable scenes. Fortunately unlike Remy, Albert didn’t steal the ingredients. 

The Simpsons has had many memorable food moments over the course of its 32 season run. They’re usually foods Homer Simpson obsesses over as he always carries a hefty appetite. One of the more popular is The Good Morning Burger, which consists of 18 oz of sizzling ground beef, soaked in rich, creamy butter and topped with bacon, ham and a fried egg.


Lightyear is the latest release from animation powerhouse Pixar. It tells the “real life” story of titular character Buzz Lightyear, well known from the Toy Story movie series. In the film, things get a bit multiverse-y which results in the random, yet sensible Lightyear Sandwich. The sandwich flips the script by putting meat where bread usually goes, Double Down-style.

As the title suggests, Bob’s Burgers has a lot to do with burgers. In the show, the local Wharf It Down festival is holding its first ever best burger contest. Bob’s special burger submission includes a unique ingredient: black garlic. Although the judges didn’t name him as the winner, his Stupid Black Garlic Burger turned out to be a crowd favorite.

Probably the most iconic scene from an animated film that features food is when Lady and the Tramp share a plate of delicious spaghetti & meatballs. In the romantic scene, their gracious host Tony ensures the chef goes heavy on the meatballs while they both serenade the doggie couple. In his rendition, Albert makes sure to also recreate the classic spaghetti noodle kiss.

These are only a few of the memorable cartoon recipes Albert Niazhvinski has lovingly recreated. With many more to check out, I definitely recommend following him on Instagram & TikTok. Watching these will not only make you hungry, but the little kid inside of you, too.