Watch Irish People Try KFC For The First Time

Growing up, whenever "fried chicken" entered a convo, our minds immediately went to KFC. Even years later, after discovering many fried chicken delicacies in this line of work, we're still pleasantly surprised that the fast food chain can still crank out some hot chicken items.

In Facts' most finger lickin' video yet, a panel of Irish men and women are given a meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken's most popular items for the very firs time.


Menu items include: the Original Recipe chicken, Hot Zinger Wings, KFC fries and gravy, the Zinger Burger (fried chicken patty and garlic mayo from the UK and Australia), and Popcorn Chicken.

While some items garnered acclaim from the group, other items seemed to disappoint the panel of taste testers. Check out the great divide when the group voices their opinion on the iconic fast food fried chicken chain.

Man, looks like we're getting fried chicken for lunch.