Watch Gordon Ramsay Learn How To Catch And Clean Fresh Catfish

It's no secret Gordon Ramsay is basically a religious icon when it comes to cooking, but who knew he was a bad ass fishermen too?

In this video, Gordon visits Oklahoma to test his cat fishing skills, known as noodling. Noodling, according to the locals, requires the fishermen to get in the water and find holes on the lake bottom. It's probably dangerous. Apparently, Oklahoma produces the best tasting wild catfish, so naturally, Gordon went there to investigate.


Once located, the fish need to be pulled out. As he shows you, it's a workout — but the reward of the cooked and seasoned catfish looks incredibly delicious. Gordon added that the locals insist the only way to catch the finest catfish is to go noodling yourself.

The cajun-style catfish looks mouth watering. If noodling for catfish is what it takes to get the freshest fish — we might just have to take your word for it.

However, if Gordon's doing the cooking, we're pulling up a seat.