Turkey Ice Cream? Salt & Straw's Controversial Thanksgiving Pints Return

Photos courtesy of Salt & Straw

Since 2018, the ice cream mad geniuses over at Salt & Straw have been splitting the internet by getting people to try Turkey Ice Cream every Thanksgiving season.

While there are some people who revile just at the thought of combining the two, the collection has proven to be popular, so the Thanksgiving pints are coming back, albeit with some changes from last year's iteration.


The flagship flavor is Turkey and Cranberry Sauce, featuring turkey bacon brittle made with thyme and cubeb pepper, swirled with a tart cranberry sauce.

Using bacon to make this turkey ice cream is sure to breed familiarity for those who are already on the bacon ice cream hype train.

Salt & Straw's other flavors this year are as follows:


Parker House Rolls with Salted Butter, made with salted butter ice cream,

Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie, a vegan flavor blending two iconic holiday season desserts together with Vermont maple syrup,


Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing, balanced with an acidic honey balsamic vinegar,

and Mom's Mango Pie, a new flavor made in collaboration with musician Hrishikesh Hirway and his mom's mango ice cream recipe. (Y'all might also recognize Hirway as the host of the West Wing Weekly podcast, and there's plenty of iconic Thanksgiving moments in that goated TV show.)

Together, the five pints capture the whole Thanksgiving meal, right down to the turkey. For those still befuddled at turkey ice cream, at least it's not as wacky as the pickle, Mac N Cheese, and Onion Ice Cream flavors that 2022 brought us, right?

Salt & Straw's Thanksgiving flavors are available starting November 4th in their scoop shops. You can also order it for nationwide shipping through their website. A pack of all 5 flavors costs $85.