Tongue on Fire: Subway Debuts New Sriracha Steak and Chicken Melts Nationwide


There's plenty to look forward to this November. Thanksgiving. The beginning of the countdown to 2014. The new Catching Fire movie.

Presumably, because having another Hunger Games film out will remind folks to eat healthy in case they ever have to kill other people, Subway has partnered with Lionsgate to brand a new line of spicy sandwiches. The four-piece, "Fiery Footlong Collection" will include the traditional Buffalo Chicken and Turkey Jalapeño, while also introducing the brand-new Sriracha Chicken Melt and Sriracha Steak Melt, first tested in Florida back in January.



Both Sriracha sandwiches will feature pepperjack cheese, your choice of meat, jalapeños and Subway's signature creamy Sriracha sauce, giving any would-be Mockingjays plenty to tear up over. But there's also a Bacon, Egg White & Cheese with Sriracha breakfast sandwich, if you prefer your heartburn with a side of coffee.


PicThx Subway