Whoa, Trader Joe's Now Has A Spicy Salami SPREAD


While perusing our local Trader Joe's, we noticed a brand-new item grace the deli meat aisle. Upon first glance, it looked like someone misplaced a stack of raw ground beef. Nope. Turns out Trader Joe's has added a new Spicy Salami Spread to their cold cut section.

Technically, it's called Trader Giotto's Nduja (en-DOO-ya). Nduja is a pork salami ground into a creamy spread. It's mixed with a bunch of spices, particularly paprika, as well as a tomato paste.

Trader Joe's recommends spreading it on some grilled toast for the full effect.



We were too excited, however, and just grabbed a bag of tortilla chips from the spot across the street. Tasted pretty fire.

A six-ounce tub of Salami Spread goes for about $3.49 at Trader Joe's. Might grab a fat stack of these for the holidays.