Time-lapse Shows How Burgers Age in One Month


Burgers were meant to be enjoyed instantaneously. We're pretty sure that's what Jesus told the Earl of Hamburger when he handed him the world's first double-bacon cheeseburger. However, if you do decide to save your burger for a rainy day, you need to know how much time you have to eat it before it goes bad.

BuzzFeed decided to do an experiment over the course of 30 days. They took seven burgers (McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr., In-N-Out and Umami Burger) and sealed each one in a glass jar, then documented the aging process via time-lapse photography.

As you can see, some burgers began to mold and decay rather quickly. Others, however, remained more or less the same. That can't be good, right?


Check out the video below and see for yourself which burgers are made with fresher ingredients than the others. We recommend doing so on an empty stomach.