Please Don't Eat Tide Pods, Despite What The Internet Says

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It's pretty safe to say that you shouldn't be eating Tide detergent pods. Though it appears there's a bit of an internet obsession with eating  those pieces of concentrated detergent, reports Self.

According to Know Your Meme, the fascination with them came from a 2013 forum discussion and a 2015 Onion article. It seems, however, that the fascination has resurfaced.

Thanks to the vibrant colors and a design that screams "smash" when good sense says "pass", children and adults alike have consumed  the chemical pods. As expected, the results weren't great at all.

Still, Twitter is ready to joke about the new "food trend".



According to the Florida Poison Information Center, toxic effects of ingesting laundry pods includes: vomiting for a prolonged period of time, coughing, drowsiness, choking, wheezing, and eye damage. These effects are due to the high, and corrosive, concentrations of alkaline in the product. This College Humor sketch from last year pretty much sums up the phenomenon.

Kids and adults, please don't eat Tide pods. If you do, make sure to contact poison control immediately.