Town Loses Local Shop, Replaces it With a Giant Vending Machine

vending machine

Across the pond there's a small community in Clifton, Derbyshire that has been without a local shop for nearly fourteen years. Without a grocery store, let alone a convenience shop, the residents have been forced to travel to the next nearest town for their essentials. Fortunately for the Clifton community electrical engineer Peter Fox found a solution for the town's shopping needs.

After the closure of Clifton's village shop Fox began toying with the idea of a vending machine to fill the void. Unfortunately Fox couldn't generate enough interest to have a firm aid in the development in the machine so he did it himself. After three years of development Fox's automatic shop made its Clifton debut this past week.


Adorned with a brick exterior and overhead awning the giant vending machine gives off that local shop feel. What makes this vending machine difference from any other is its ability to handle items of varying weight, delicacy, and wide range of products. The automatic shop contains chill compartments to accommodate cold items such as milk and eggs. Besides grocery items the machine also stocks pet food, toiletries, and even umbrellas. Residents can pay for their items using cash or credit cards.

Fox hopes to create more automatic shops for other small towns in the area.

H/T + PicThx Daily Mail