This Dude Making Pipes Out Of Different Food Is Pure Stoner Ingenuity

One look at Bryce "The Sandman" Wong's Instagram account and it's clear that he enjoys two things, creating art and smoking weed. As an artist and Nike footwear designer, his timeline is filled with cool ideas, some of which have been turned into physical items. That said, the designs that he conceives to smoke weed are some of his most inventive.

The running theme is that each are made using a piece of food. From fruits and meats to random ingredients, it's a feat of sheer stoner ingenuity. His earliest foray into the weird and wacky world of one-hitters and pipes appears to have been in 2021. Since, amidst an endless timeline of impressive illustrations, Wong has shared lots of smokeable food pipes. Here are some of his funniest, most inventive creations.


Hot dogs are perfect munchie-killers, but what happens when you transform a glizzy into a weed pipe? Wong decided to find out and ended up erecting a savory gift to the glizzy gods. After successfully smoking it, taking a bite next was only right.


It took Wong a bit more handcrafting to pull off his Spam pipe. This is where the artist's hands come, handy. Using a knife, he sliced a brick of Spam into the shape of a pipe, created a hole, and then cooked it. A pipe-shaped Spam brick is hilarious, and it hits like a charm, too!



This next one is surprising. Possibly inspired by his morning toast, Wong created a weed pipe using a stick of butter. Rather than molding it into a different shape, he simply added two holes. After taking a hit, he used it to butter his toast.


We've all heard about the old banana-in-a-tail-pipe gag, but have you ever thought about turning it into an actual pipe? Well, Wong certainly did and was inspired to make his very own. The bowl made from the banana's tip is perhaps the most inventive part of it.



This next invention makes a lot of sense when you think about the tubular shape of green onions. Technically a one-hitter, all Wong literally had to do was cut off both ends, pack it, light it up — you know the rest.


Could a pipe made from an orange offer both nutrients and a satisfying high? That probably wasn't the inspiration behind Wong's citrusy cannabis contraption, but I'd like to think that it was. What if the heat from the flame converted orange juices into Vitamin C-filled smoke? And no, I'm not high right now, but this is one cool weed pipe.


Wong's snowball pipe definitely puts chemistry to the test. Ordinarily, a flame would turn a snowball into a puddle of water in your palms, but this wintery creation proves impressively resilient. I guess anything's possible when it's time to take a large rip.



Could meat-flavored weed be the next big thing? Let's hope not. Wong's deli meat one-hitter is possibly the closest thing to one. Here, he inhales some savory bud with a simple roll, fill, and smoke. The perfect dessert? A bite of an actual sandwich.


Wong proves that he truly has an artist's hands by making a chicken McNugget pipe. Using a straw, he carefully creates a hole through the nugget, followed by a tiny hole for the weed. It's actually hilarious watching him successfully smoke from it. I'm sure McNugget weed pipes weren't ever a part of McDonald's marketing plan, but they could really capitalize here.


Putting a whole new spin on smokey and spicy, Wong's jalapeño pipe might be one of his best inventions yet. To make it, he removed the ends and created a hole through the middle. Next, he took one of the free ends, added a tiny hole, and then fitted it back inside the jalapeño in a reverse position so that it could be used as a bowl. Naturally, you know what came next.