This Company Delivers Snacks From Around The World Right To Your Doorstep

Have you ever wondered what people in other countries are snacking on? What if we told you there's a way for you to get your hands on those snacks? No need to hop on a plane at LAX for the sake of indulging in your foodie fantasies—Universal Yums has got your back.

Universal Yums is a US-based company that sends their subscribers a box full of snacks and candies from a different country each month. Box sets have featured salty, savory, spicy, and sweet treats from 12 different nations so far including Germany, Brazil, Italy, China, Mexico, and Scandinavia, and there are many more to come.

Monique Bernstein and Eli Zauner head the company as co-founders, having started the business together in Zauner's apartment last year. Like many of us, the pair dreamed of traveling the world but were tied down by unfortunate factors like restricted vacation days and limited finances. So, they decided to bring the world to them, and now the rest of us, by collecting and sharing the best munchies from around the globe.

Although, these curated boxes contain more than just snacks—they bring an all-around educational experience. In addition to multi-flavored goodies, each package comes with a link to a special music playlist, a card with trivia and fun facts about the featured country, info on the included snacks, and decorative colored tissue paper to resemble the featured country's flag. There's even a clue so you can guess what the theme of the next month's box will be!

"It has been our goal to provide an experience to Americans that will nudge them to be more open-minded and curious about the world they live in," Bernstein says, "even if they may not have the financial or physical means to ever visit outside of the United States."

You can choose between two set sizes—the Yum box (6+ snacks) or the Yum Yum box (13+ snacks)—and they currently ship to the US and Canada.  What's more is that these unique boxes make for an awesome gift idea. In fact, they make for a fantastic holiday gift idea, which is why we and Universal Yums are hooking you up!

Visit and use the code “YUMMY” to save $10 on a six-month gift subscription for a Yum box, or use the code “YUMMIER” to save $20 on a six-month gift subscription for a Yum Yum box. Those who place their orders by December 15 should receive a box by Christmas! Check out some of their boxes below to get you psyched for what's to come:




Photo by Pete Pham

The B&B Sesame Pretzel Sticks, Elite Popping Milk Chocolate (think chocolate meets Pop Rocks), and falafel-flavored Bissli are just a few among many reasons why this Israeli-themed Yum Yum box is one of our faves. Shalom!



Photo by Pete Pham

Say konnichiwa to some of Japan's finest: salty Snowpea Crisps, Botan Rice Candy with edible rice paper, fruity Flower Kiss candy, and baked wasabi-seasoned Shrimp Chips. Domo arigato, Universal Yums.




Photo by Pete Pham

In addition to Masala-flavored Lays, this box features Indian treats like Bourbon Cream Biscuits, 'Mango Mood' Candy, and Chillz Spicy Potato Sticks. Our hearts are on fire!



Photo by Pete Pham

From the land that brings you great coffee beans—crispy Papitos Pollo (chicken chips), Tocineta Limon (bacon chips with lime), sweet Castipan Veleño (guava paste), and much more. Definitely heading south for the winter this year.




Photo by Pete Pham

When they're not enjoying crispy bacon (70% of the world's supply comes from the Netherlands!), the Dutch go for Croky Paprika Chips, buttery-cinnamon-caramel Stroopwaffel by Kanjers, and delicious peppermint and licorice candies like the ones included in this set.

South Korea


Photo by Pete Pham

The latest box from Universal Yums contains South Korean goodies like walnut candy, Tiramisu cakes, Choco marshmallow pies, and juicy Fruit Jelly cups. Admit it, your sweet tooth is a-tinglin'!

Created in partnership with Universal Yums