This Cake is a Lie: Meet the Swedish Cake-Shaped Sandwich


Listen. We all love a good sandwich. And eating cake is pretty much the whole point of tastebuds. That doesn't mean that we should combine the two into a giant cake-shaped sandwich Decepticon intent on sucking our mouths (and brains) into a whirlwind of confusion. That's just common sense . . . right? Apparently not, at least for the hundreds of Swedish chefs who have been making smörgåstårtas (sandwich cakes) for birthdays, funerals, and weddings since the 1970's. The Swedish dish takes a classic cake recipe and replaces the cake batter with sandwich bread, the filling with your choice of meats and savory dips, and the frosting with a sour cream-cream cheese mashup that looks exactly like buttercream but tastes . . . well, different.


A food blogger over at Gormandizewithus  tackled (and veganized) the traditionally Swedish recipe , and even hardcore smörgåstårta skeptics like me have to admit that it looks super pretty. Still not sure that I'm on board for the tastebud trickery that goes into making one of these (or the inevitable sugarless disappointment after the first frosting-free bite) but I have to tip my hat to the Swedes for finding a way to spice up a traditional sandwich.