This Burger Has Kettle Chip-Fried PB&J Sandwiches for Buns


Let's be honest here (it's the best policy or something like that) and face the facts: New Year's resolutions are only good for Love Actually sequels and wishful thinking. With such beastly beauties like the Anti-New Year's Resolution Burger and now, this Kettle Chip-Fried PB&J Burger -- you'll need to muster all the willpower you have to stick to your game plan.


Philadelphia's PYT, the same people who brought you the Lasagna Bun and the PBR Burger, released yet another fantastic hybrid to the menu: a banana-Sriracha marinated beef patty topped with applewood bacon that swaps its traditional buns for two deep-fried PB&J sandwiches coated in crushed kettle chips. We can just imagine the salty crunch of the chips before biting into the sweet peanut butter and jelly layer ending in the fabulous collision of banana-Sriracha on a juicy patty.

I know, it's breathtaking. Welp, bonne chance with your resolutions dahlin'. I'm so, so proud of you.



Picthx PYT