These Sweet Takes on Savory Dishes Will Make You Do a Double-Take

Dessert has experienced an interesting evolution. At first, there was just plain old sweet dessert. Then, people decided to mix it up and create some salty-sweet action. Nowadays, cooks are going even further by taking dishes that are typically savory, then making them into a dessert. Here are some once-savory dishes as you’ve never seen them.

Raspberry Jam & Nutella Grilled Cheese


Cheese has been an integral part of dessert for while. However, these applications typically include a tasteful cheese and fruit plate, cheesecake, or red velvet cake with cream cheese ice cream. In this case, we have your typical grilled cheese sandwich made with havarti, but with the enticing addition of raspberry jam and Nutella. We’re in, because you can’t go wrong with Nutella.

Cookies & Cream Dessert Pizza


Pizza is showing up on the dessert menu more and more. The earliest renditions mainly focused around Nutella, but have since branched out to devilish creations like this cookies and cream dessert pizza. Drizzled with a generous helping of white chocolate, this pizza could never disappoint.

Chocolate Taco with Peanut Butter Mousse


Everyone remembers Choco Tacos. When Klondike debuted this creation, people went wild. The thought of making a taco into a dessert just rocked the worlds of every child and adult alike. The food world has since branched out from this very basic dessert taco to more intense versions like this peanut butter mousse and sprinkles version here, and we’re pretty pumped about it.

Chocolate Pasta with Nutella Sauce and Cookie Dough “Meatballs”

We are both excited and mildly disturbed about this chocolate pasta with Nutella sauce. Pasta was sacred. Pasta was dependable. Pasta was there for us. But like most things, there comes a day when it’s time to let go and see what pasta can do outside of its comfort zone. Apparently it involves cookie dough meatballs. Fly, pasta, fly!

Dessert Burger


Just for kicks, we Googled “dessert burger” one day, expecting there to be no results. Instead, we were met with this wonderful creation, and our lives were forever changed for the better. World, meet the Dessert Burger. This one contains a chocolate-nut-raisin patty, vanilla sauce, raspberry jelly, and white chocolate, all served with side churro fries. Well done.

S’mores Fries

Photo: Thrillist


Everyone loves s’mores. They’re basically America’s sweetheart dessert. Your life will not be complete until you go camping and roast a marshmallow over an open flame. French fries are basically America’s savory dish, so why not combine the two? These s’mores fries are some OG salty/sweet greatness, complete with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce.

Dessert Dog

Folks, this is the “Hound Dog,” an Elvis-inspired dessert dog made with torched banana, peanut butter whip, maple bacon, and all drizzled with molten chocolate and caramel. The whole thing is then topped with crushed nuts and served on a fresh, buttery brioche roll. This restaurant should win an award for most clever establishment of all time.

Dessert Toast


We vividly remember the days when “toast” referred to a single slice of bread heated in a contraption fondly known as the toaster. Nowadays, every restaurant and their mother is serving avocado toast, or something of comparable lavishness. Toast has experienced a serious upgrade. It seems as though restaurants have taken toast even further by making it a dessert item. We kind of wanna SMH, but this also looks delicious.

Nutella Arancini

Photo: Ricette


We have the Italians to thank for tons of amazing food items, but the arancini is a food near and dear to our hearts. It’s kind of hard to go wrong with stuffed balls of rice that are then deep fried to a beautiful golden brown. Now, you can indulge in dessert arancini by stuffing rice balls with Nutella, rolling them in sugar, and then throwing them into the hot oil. Damn, son.

Sweet Coconut Soup


Dessert soup is mainly popular in a variety of Asian cuisines. It is most definitely a thing, and tapioca is usually the dish’s shining star. Basically, you can think of dessert soup as kind of similar to boba tea, but you eat it with a spoon. Pictured here is some cold sweet coconut soup with taro. This actually sounds really refreshing.

Everything Bagel Doughnut


New York is notorious for its impeccable bagels. We’re still not quite sure why New York bagels are far superior to the rest. Some think it’s the water. We might not ever know. But we do know that NYC is so obsessed with bagels, that a local shop call The Doughnut Project actually started making everything bagel doughnuts. The doughnuts definitely have your normal everything bagel seasoning which includes a hefty amount of garlic, but the frosting is apparently sweet and cream cheese-based. Sounds kind of eclectic, but we’re down.

Dessert Nachos

Photo: Vitchen

Nachos are always a home-run. They’re pretty easy to make and easily customizable. In fact, they're so customizable that you can and should make them into a dessert. All you need are your chips, caramel sauce, and whatever toppings you’d like. If you’re feeling fancy, you can make your own sweet tortillas by sprinkling them with cinnamon sugar and baking them in the oven for a hot sec. Fresh is best.