The Worst Shots Ever: The Uncle Harry

I recently attended my cousin's 21st birthday, and this little asshole casserole was being fed froofy ass shots like a Buttery Nipple and a Redheaded Slut, and he was loving it. I stepped in to rock that little slut's face off with some manly man shots, and that's when I realized that the only two shitty shots I knew were the Gorilla Fart and the Four Horsemen. Right in that moment is when I decided to travel from bar to bar, trying to learn what exactly were...

The Worst Shots Ever

For the second episode on our new show The Worst Shots Ever, my partner Hayley and I try an abomination of a drink called "The Uncle Harry." Is it any good? I doubt it. I mean, it's called a friggin' "Uncle Harry," I don't think anyone expects it to taste any better than ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.


The bar, Balboa Saloon, is run by an eccentric weirdo that seems to be perpetually sweating. His name is Jeff, but he signed our release form with the name "T-Rex," so I don't really know how mentally sound he is. I've been to that bar at least 12 times and he never remembers my pretty face, so something is clearly going on in that dome of his.

Either way, the shot he gave me is not only (and quite possibly) the worst shot I've ever had, it also has the most ingredients I've ever seen in a shot. Check out the new episode below!