Spaghetti Ice Cream is Served with Strawberry 'Marinara' Sauce


For all of you who thought ice cream could only ever be served in the form of scoops, think again. Imagine creamy vanilla "spaghetti," topped with mixed berry "marinara" sauce, and a sweet chocolate "meatball" – a meal and a dessert in one sitting. Thanks to Dolce Gelateria, located in a tiny space a few blocks away from New York University & Washington Square Park, your weirdly-shaped ice cream fantasies can come true. The shop is serving up your favorite Italian dishes – in the form of gelato.

The technique of turning ice cream into quirky pasta shapes is not overly complicated – the good people of Dolce Gelateria simply run the gelato through a potato ricer to create the strands of spaghetti gelato. Once the spaghetti ice cream is created, it's topped with various "Italian sauces," which are actually just different flavored fruit sauces.


However, this idea of turning gelato into pasta shapes is not a novel concept. These pasta sundaes are called Spaghettieis in Germany and have been a specialty since the 1960s.