The Most Scrumptious Double-Crusted Sweet Potato Pie Recipes On TikTok

One of the latest, and delicious, viral trends is the double crusted sweet potato pie. Since whetting appetites last month, its undeniable allure has inspired countless bakers to try their mitts at it. Sadly, many attempts have been half-baked, as it wasn’t accompanied by an official recipe. Some tried using two frozen pie crusts, while others opted for a crumbly nut topping. Those may technically be “double crusted,” but the actual recipe is something else entirely. 

Real double-crusted sweet potato pie is a combination of two pies that are both beloved below the Mason Dixon. To be clear, sweet potato pie is topped with a layer of Chess pie, which is made with eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. It makes the experience extra-buttery and sweet. With the TikTok feed filling up, here's a list of the most scrumptious-looking double crusted sweet potato pies. Some are spot on, while others put their own delicious spin on it.

@chef.david.demar I Made That Viral Double Crusted Sweet Potato Pie? You’re welcome. 3 medium boiled sweet potatoes 1/2 cup room temperature butter 1 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup cinnamon sugar 2 eggs 1/4 cup evaporated milk 2 tbsp heavy cream 2 tsp vanilla extract 3 eggs 1/2 cup low fat buttermilk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cups granulated white sugar 1 Tbs cornstarch 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup butter 9in cake pan Preheat oven to 350 Set timer for 2 hours & check ever 30min #sweetpotato #blackchef #cheflife #blackentrepreneurs #foodporn #fyp #foodiegram #recipes #foodgram #foodgraphy #instafood #homemade #foodstagram #catering #cateringservices #cook #dinner #tasty #instagood #homecooking #kitchen #foodies #foodgasm #explorepage ♬ Loving Me - Janine


Food content maker Chef David DeMar immediately hopped on the doubled-crusted wagon, delivering one of the prettiest pies. Rather than frozen crust, he uses crumbled graham crackers for the bottom layer. After preparing the bottom crust and sweet potato purée, Chef DeMar readies the ingredients for chess pie. He combines the dry and wet until it resembles egg yolk, then pours the mixture over the sweet potato. The end result is a jaw-droppingly beautiful pie.

While many did their due diligence in the search for the correct way to make double-crusted sweet potato pie, some achieved impressive results just by winging it. This next pick certainly won't win any pie-making contests, but for beginner bakers, it's the easiest way to get on the double-crusted trend. Here, The Hip Hop Foodie completely circumvents chess pie and uses two frozen pie crusts instead. You have to let the crust for the top layer soften to room temperature before molding it, then for the final flakey touch, brush the crust with butter.


Food content maker Eby let her culinary imagination run and created double-crusted purple yam pie. It's an easy alternative to regular sweet potatoes that's equally tasty and just as visually appealing. You should feel less guilt baking this iteration as well because purple sweet potatoes are more nutritious. One thing to keep in mind when using purple yams in place of regular ones is that they are drier, more starchy, and require more liquid ingredients.


@smokingrillincookingfood This Delicious Sweet Potato Pie is the Ultimate Fall Comfort Food! #food #cooking #recipe #fyp #foryou #ASMR ♬ Baby It's You - Revel Day

Listening to the host of Smokin' & Grillin talk is as entertaining as watching him prepare a double-crusted sweet potato pie. His take veers slightly from the actual recipe by excluding eggs from the top crust's ingredients. As a result, a crumbly walnut-infused crust is used in place of the custardy chess pie. Despite the flip, he manages to make something that looks lip-smacking and delicious.

Choosing frozen crust over chess pie, Jazzy Nikki churned out an admirable attempt. Although perfectly scrumptious-looking, the real highlight is a special red velvet-topped double-crusted sweet potato pie. It certainly looks tasty enough to be the next pie trend. Time will tell if it picks up steam.