These Are 8 of the Saddest Meals We Found On @cookingforbae

When we get into a new relationship, most of us try to impress bae with the life skills we’ve acquired. Some of us might use our skills of being cute AF (is that a skill or a gift?) to woo our partners, while others use decisiveness to impress their significant others (very important).

And then, there are those who want to WOW! our baes with our amazing cooking skills. However, some of us just aren’t as culinarily gifted as others, as represented on the @CookingForBae account. Sure it’s all fun and jokes, until someone gets a stomach ache...

This Dress Is Hand Krafted

I will never look at cheese the same. #struggleslicesunday

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Bae is always looking for a one-of-a-kind #ootn for date night, so why not go the DIY route and get a little Krafty? At least she’s taken and not Single; she’s doing something right. She just needs to make sure to stay in a cool setting, only warm enough to melt the heart of her soulmate (and not her dress).

“I Just Want A Little Of Everything”

In what welfare line was this created??? ??? #welfare#foodporn#cookingforbae#breffusforbae#gmfu

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Sometimes, bae can be a little indecisive, but it’s okay — that’s why you have to show bae that you’re into variety. From a side of not so Lucky Charms to a wiener that looks more like a loser,  @amby_latte certainly found a solution for someone with a rather... wide palate. Bae has so many options, how can they be upset?!

Men Are From Mars…

When bae asks you what you want for dinner and you tell him you need space, he takes it to a whole new dimension. @andrewtweeddale clearly hits the essential parts of the food pyramid: greens and sweets. What more could you ask for in a man (besides cutlery maybe…)?

Do You Like Your Cheese Shredded or Chunky?

Just…….why?? #UncalledFor #BaeAlmostHadItRight #StruggleSliceSunday #ChunkyCheese #cookingforbae

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Conceptually, it’s all there — who doesn’t enjoy some cheese with their steak and eggs? The execution of the dish is a solid 2/10, seeing as bae wasn’t quite sure what form of cheese was necessary to make this dish an 11/10. Bae might melt our hearts, but bae needs to melt the cheese too.


Spa-Get These Noodles Out of My Tacos

Happy Cinco De Mayo y'all! Spaghetti tacos on deck. #cookingforbae

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So maybe bae was trying to show you the different blends of cultures or maybe bae was trying to be innovative, but either way, this Mexitalian cuisine might be too, uh… ahead of its time. Sure, you can make pasta stuffed shells, but the recipe probably isn’t calling for taco shells. Bae tried it, but we’re going to have to give it a hard pass #CincoDeMayNO.

“I Know How To Keep My Man”

...keep him on the toilet, yikes. @tees_and_pearls finishes our thoughts on this dish, and there are so many things to discuss about this plate, we don’t know where to begin. The hard boiled eggs, the corn, the cheesy pasta all revolve around a quite vibrant (and disturbing) hue of orange/yellow, making even the unhealthiest of people crave a salad or veggies. GIVE US COLOR!


Cheese Reduction Sauce

You already know what it is. #struggleslicesunday

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Bae went all out with the Kraft reduction sauce and a side of Kobe beef hot dog on this special evening. We’re just wondering if the night ended with a session of Netflix and chill or sweet, sweet cuddles with the porcelain throne.

Caviar Waffles 

Where is Waffle House when you need it. #wafflesandfeet #cookingforbae

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Is it wrong that all we can think about when looking at this is Kimmy Schmidt's Titus Andromedon singing “Pinot Noir”? Vogues to “Caviar, Myanmar, Mid-sized car, You don't have to be popu-lar, Find out who your true friends are…”