Teens Attack 76-Year-Old Worker At McDonald's Because He Asked Them To Be Quiet


Typically, being asked to quiet down in a restaurant is met with embarrassment or slight annoyance and a lowering of voices, but apparently that was not the case for two rowdy New York high school students.

Two 17-year-old girls reportedly assaulted a 76-year-old McDonald’s employee who asked them to quiet down.

DNAinfo reported that the elderly employee asked the pair to lower their voices. Instead they pushed the man and punched him in the left side of his face.


The assault left his face red and swollen, resulting in medical treatment at the fast food restaurant, which is located on Broadway near Times Square.

The teens attend Food and Finance High School, where students learn about the culinary arts and related finances, but apparently at least these two did not learn about respect for restaurant employees. The pair was arrested and received desk appearance tickets according to police.

This is far from the first time a McDonald’s employee has been assaulted. Just earlier this month three women and their children assaulted an Ohio McDonald’s worker for serving them too slowly. That trio seem to have no remorse and even are smiling in their booking photos.