A Look Inside The Cafe Serving Free Food To Syrian Refugees In Lebanon [WATCH]

AJ+, one of my favorite Facebook pages took a nice look at a cafe in Beirut, Lebanon that is serving free food to Syrian refugees.

Run by Bonheur du Ciel, a charitable, non-political and non-profit group, the cafe aims to alleviate some of the hardship involved with the more than one million Syrian refugees currently living in Lebanon.

According to the video, the UN World Food Programme was forced to cut food assistance in half due to a lack of funds, which makes the existence of cafes like this that much more poignant. The WFP in July posted that Syrian refugees were receiving food vouchers that essentially equaled $13.50 per person, per month. As funding worsens, the WFP fears that more then 440,000 people in Jordan would be without food.


The cafe has been open less than a year and serves roughly 200 people a day.

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ation for this article and other current initiatives came from the UN World Food Programme and Bonheur du Ciel websites.