Is Taco Bell's New Watermelon Freeze With Candy 'Seeds' THE Summer Drink Of 2018?

Last year, baking maestro Dominique Ansel wowed the world with a watermelon soft serve, contained within in a real watermelon boat dotted with "seeds" made of chocolate. Drawing upon such ingenuity, Taco Bell just created a drink called the Watermelon Freeze that looks like the summer drink of 2018.

watermelon freeze
Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

The slushy drink itself consists of a watermelon-flavored freeze base. There's also "seeds" on the inside of the drink, but they're actually made out of candy. They're on the larger side, but the freeze is going to come with a larger green straw that you can use to suck them out like tapioca pearls.


Taco Bell's Watermelon Freeze isn't exactly like Ansel's soft serve, seeing as it's not ice cream and doesn't come with a hunk of fresh fruit. The play on seeds from both Ansel and the taco titan, though, are pretty cool visual tricks that make it look like you're eating (or drinking, in Taco Bell's case) a real watermelon.

It's definitely going to be a visual stunner, but also is perfect to chill you down during the warm summer months.

Those wanting to snag the drink can find it now nationwide at $2.29 for a regular and $2.59 for a large. If you go between 2 and 5 p.m. for "Happier Hour," the Watermelon Freeze's price drops down to just a buck.