Taco Bell's New Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips Are The Perfect Spicy Snack


Move over, nachos. Taco Bell just found a meaty way to outclass you.


According to Brand Eating, Taco Bell is testing a new snack product called the "Volcano Crispy Chicken Chip." The chicken chips come in orders of either 6 or 12, and each order of 6 comes with a choice of a dipping sauce. The sauces available are nacho cheese, spicy ranch, or Taco Bell's infamous Lava Sauce (basically, a spicy queso that was discontinued but has started reappearing on the Taco Bell menu).

Photo: Brobible


The chicken chips are on the cheap side as well, with an order of six costing $1.99 and a dozen chips costing $3.99. Great pricing for a meaty, on-the-go snack that we will all enjoy.

Basically, these Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips are a meaty spin on nachos. Instead of boring old tortilla chips, you can now dip meaty chips into your cheese sauce and create a more hearty, epic snack. This is the way nachos should be done — less messy, plenty of protein, and includes all of the goodness of nachos that we love and adore.

Currently, the chicken chips are only available in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, but it's possible that a nationwide launch is on the way soon.

You know you want to, Taco Bell. Give the people what they want. Give us all meaty chicken nachos.