Taco Bell's Pull-Apart 'Triplelupa' Launching Nationwide

Image Courtesy Of Taco Bell

In what looks like a food re-enactment of the Human Centipede, Taco Bell decided to attach its beloved chalupas together, asking you to pull them apart before you dig in.

The new 'Triplelupa' consists of three different little chalupas, one being just "Cheesy," the second being, "Chipotle" and the third being a mix of both sauces in a "Cheesy Chipotle."


The Triplelupa was actually being tested way back in 2018, as Taco Bell locations in Southern California got a chance to try them first, give feedback, and ultimately help decide if the conjoined chalupas could cut it nationwide.

The test run must have gone really well, as they'll be available at all Taco Bells nationwide, starting Thursday, March 12.

Again, these will only be available for a limited time, so if you're trying to get down on this new Triplelupa, do so ASAP.