SUPER SLICE: Who Knew A Single Slice Of Pizza Could Be So Big?

The biggest single slice of pizza is called the Super Slice, and it's currently being served out of a NY pizzeria called PizzaBarn. Get a load of this thing:

When you tell yourself just one more slice. ??????? // #foodbeast ? @just_eatit

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The slice of pizza is so big, it took two Foodbabies to put it down:

Cost of a slice ranges from $10 (regular) to $24 (Cheeseburger & Fries Slice):


Even the security guys love it:

Another shot of that Cheeseburgers & Fries Slice, because OUR WORLD DOESN'T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE:

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Look at this daring young fellow folding it into a guitar-sized situation in hopes of making a dent into the overall surface area:

It could only get better if they had a slice with Mac & Cheese on it...there is now way they have that thou--

Well, I'm done.




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