Starbucks Canada Unveils New Maple-Flavored Macchiato, Of Course


Sure, we could stop making the same jokes about our northern neighbors. It's just that they make it so damn easy.


Like Starbucks Canada's latest flavor of macchiato, for instance. Maple. Presumably, because the Canadian diet consists of literally nothing beyond poutine, donuts, and maple syrup. Or they were just looking for something even more stereotypically Canadian than "Maple Moose" Lay's chips.

Previously available in the states, the new Maple Macchiato drizzles "real Canadian Maple Syrup" atop a mixture of steamed milk, vanilla syrup, and a shot of espresso. Available hot or iced, the drink is supposedly "super super Canadian," according to Vancouver-based food blogger DesignGirl. We wouldn't be surprised if it came with a free beer and a donut.