This Stanley Cup Poutine Is The Most Canadian Thing Ever

This video is so Canadian, it almost hurts.

Josh Elkin is a very Canadian chef, with fantastic hair, who teamed up with a very Canadian restaurant called Smoke's Poutinerie, to make a very Canadian dish in honor of a very Canadian sport.


It's called the Stanley Cup of Poutine and it consists of all the goodies you'd normally find in poutine, except transformed into the shape of the NHL's glorious championship trophy. Elkin skillfully sculpted some potatoes for the trophy's base, fried it, stuffed it with cheese curds and drenched it with a tsunami of gravy.



Elkin said the carving process was no joke and it was a bit of a struggle to get it to resemble "Lord Stanley."

Maybe Josh can make these for all the Canadian NHL teams, 'cause it's as close as any of Canada's teams will get to the cup this year, since none of them made the playoffs.

Even then, Canada's still winning, because they get to eat delicious poutine like this, anytime, which is probably as amazing as winning the Stanley Cup.