Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is Coming And We Are Counting Down The Days

Your palate goes on a dual journey when experiencing the wonders of a Sour Patch Kid. First, the initial shock of the sour notes take a hold of your taste buds before succumbing to the sweet embrace of the sugary finale. Now they say you shouldn't have candy for breakfast, but wouldn't you want to undergo something that wondrous first thing in the morning?

If you're a fan of Sour Patch Kids, prepare to experience childlike joy as you discover you can now have the sweet and sour gummies for breakfast — in the form of a cereal.


Post's new Sour Patch Kids Cereal features kid-shaped pieces glazed with a sour coating that eventually leads to a sweet finish. Never experienced a cereal that's sour before, but if it's anything like the candy, I'm more than happy to give it a shot.

Sweet-toothed children, adults, and anyone with a spot in their hearts for Sour Patch Kids will be able to enjoy the new breakfast cereal at the end of next month. Beginning December 26, Walmart stores will be stocking their shelves with the new breakfast item, eventually making a wider release at major grocery retailers in 2019.

Consider this old man hyped.