Sonic Will Debut Pickle Juice Slushes This Summer, This Is How They Taste

Sonic Drive-In hasn't been shy when it comes to pushing the envelope, as evident by their groundbreaking, recent debut of Signature Slingers. Now they're at it again, as one of their newest creations is sure to turn heads— in the form of Pickle Juice Slushes.


Pickle juice slushies
Photo courtesy of Sonic Drive-In

The pickle slush is part of the drive-in's new Snow Cone Slushes lineup, which hit restaurants in mid-June. Other flavors will include Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian, and Tiger's Blood.


Foodbeast recently had the opportunity to try the drink at Sonic's headquarters. The pickle juice slush is made with a unique syrup that provides a punch of briny acidity, but has enough sweetness to take the sharpness out of the flavor.

While the new pickle juice slushes do fit in to the new trend surrounding the brine (with multiple pickle items at 2018's ExpoWest), it also hails to a bit of Sonic history. According to Sonic Manager of Product Pipeline Tracie Van Steinberg, their slushes were once made inside of cleaned-out pickle buckets, so there would be a touch of that flavor inside every Sonic Slush.

It was enough to make a significant difference, because Sonic tried to move away from that model once and customers could notice the difference tastewise. Thus, even if you're not a big fan of pickle juice, slurping on this slush means you're drinking a bit of Sonic's past, which is pretty cool.

The pickle juice syrup used to make the frozen beverage will also be available to add into any drinks you like. Pickled Ocean Water, anyone?