Watch A WHOLE CAMEL Get Smoked For 24 Hours

Within the confines of bbq, you can smoke anything from beef, pork, duck, and salmon. But I bet you never in your life thought you can smoke a camel. And we're not referring to the cigarettes.

Well, Ercan Steakhouse in Turkey not only smokes camel, they smoke whole camels, and if you've never seen a fully-skinned camel, the footage can be a little shocking to say the least.


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Ercan is known as the world's largest meat restaurant, but even with that title, the ability to smoke an entire camel is pretty nuts.

The restaurant's Instagram posted a particularly attention-grabbing video earlier this week, as they were advertising their very particular catering services.


The very first thing you see in the video is a thicc camel's backside, as its about to be ushered into the larger-than-life smoker. The caption emphasizes that the camel is smoked for 24 hours under halal standards, and can feed up to 250 people at your massive party.

This camel is then shown being stuffed into the custom Ercan smoker, and after being cooked all the way through, the pitmaster on camera munches on a piece of the camel's rib, and inexplicably dusts some rose petals on the meat, Salt Bae-style. For the cherry on top, he then stabs the rose stem into the camel, as it seems to be his signature move based off of other videos on their Instagram profile.

Not gonna lie, I'd be down to try some smoked camel.


It's not something that's too common in the U.S., but is a staple overseas. A Somali chef even tried incorporating it into his Minneapolis restaurant back in 2017. It was not received too well at first, but later caught on upon serving it kabob-style, according to NPR.

If you're ever in Turkey, and have a chance to dine at Ercan Steakhouse, be sure to ask about the camel.