Sizzler Celebrates 'National Cheese Toast Day' By Giving It Away For FREE


We haven't been to Sizzler in a minute, but one of our fondest memories is of their signature cheese toast. With National Cheese Toast Day coming up, Sizzler will be giving away FREE slices of their famous bread.

Made with toasted bread with a secret cheese spread, the first slice of Cheese Toast made its debut at a Hollywood Sizzler in 1968. It's since grown so popular that all Sizzler's began to serve them.


On Sept. 15, patrons can get a slice of cheese toast from noon to 2 p.m. While cheese toast is usually complimentary with your meal, you won't have to buy anything this time.

Each year, Sizzler serves about 12,333,024 slices of Cheese Toast. We probably ate about half those slices.