This Elevated Toilet Helps You Puke Your Brains Out After Drinking


Nothing's more humbling than having to get on your knees, lean into a toilet and release everything your body consumed the last three days.

This club devised a custom elevated toilet that makes that regurgitating moment at least a little easier.

Posted to Reddit by a user named ThangCZ, the photo is taken inside a bathroom, showing a toilet that's about as high as a sink usually is.


Above the puke toilet are a couple bars bolted to the wall, just in case things get really intense and you need to hold on. There's even a a note on the wall, with a little puking cartoon, just in case you're not sure what the toilet's use is.

The user said it's not visible, but there is a lever that flushes out your vomit and lets the next person take a turn without your remnants visible.

Nothing says you're at a classy bar, or club like grade-A puke service.