Surprisingly, Popeyes Has Never Had A Chicken Sandwich, Until Now

In a new case of the Mandela Effect, where one believes something existed through the power of false memories, we bring you the fact that Popeyes Chicken has never had an official chicken sandwich on its menu.

I know you're probably thinking back right now, saying to yourself, "Bullshit. I know I've had a Popeyes chicken sandwich," and it's possible you have, but only if you resided within the recent test markets.


For the first time ever, everyone will have a chance to officially try a Popeyes chicken sandwich, as it will have an official nationwide launch Monday, August 12.

For those who have tried it, it has been compared to Chick-Fil-A's sandwich, bearing a similar minimalistic chicken, pickle and bun look.

Southern Californians can get an early first taste August 8 and 9, as Popeyes has collaborated with Long Beach's infamous Sweet Dixie Kitchen as part of its debut.


There's a good chance you've heard of Sweet Dixie, as what should have been a hyper local story, really took off when folks nationwide had their opinions on the restaurant's decision to serve Popeyes strips in their sandwich under the false impression that the chicken was house-made. Sweet Dixie had technically never said the sandwich was house made, but was known for its freshly made food, so guests obviously had some feelings when learning they were eating Popeyes instead.

The Internet did its thing, and soon after, Sweet Dixie had the health department swing by. Since then the sandwich underwent some forced changes, but it looks like Popeyes itself  doesn't feel any ill will towards Sweet Dixie and its owner Kim Sanchez.

If you can't make it to the Sweet Dixie preview, August 12 is your day. We will have the chance to try a true Popeyes chicken sandwich for the first time, and we can only imagine it being glorious.