Log These Pokemon Burgers In Your Pokedex ASAP


You may have heard of Australian burger pop-up Down N' Out, the joint with the In-N-Out Burger-inspired menu. The long-running pop-up is now adding three new burgers that'll be sure to please Pokemon GO fans.

Meet the Pokeburgs.



Launching in Australia August 22, the first round of monstrous sandwiches feature three iconic Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Pikachu.

The burgers feature wagyu beef with different toppings depending on the Pocket Monster. Each bun is colored to match its namesake. We spoke to Ben Kagan part-owner of Down N' Out to see how this menu came about. Surprisingly, it was Kagan who came up with it and not the pop-up's chef Sebastian Cens.

[Cens] hated it at first, because he's one of those sad individuals who hated the Pokemon GO trend. A few days later and he's out-levelled me on Pokemon GO. Now he's a Pokemon GO addict.

While the pop-up will still feature its staple In-N-Out themed menu, they wanted to branch out into something new. Ben says they're going to test the waters with the initial launch, already trending on social media, and plan on introducing new Pokemon characters soon.


He's got concepts for Snorlax, Clefairy, and Voltorb.

The only thing that bugged us from the initial batch was that there wasn't a Squirtle Burger featured.

The bun kept coming out GREEN. We are working on it.

You can find the Pokeburgs during Down N' Out's pop-up hours at the Sir John Young Hotel, located in Sydney. Only a limited number of burgers will be available.