Pizza Hut Kicks Off Holidays With Triple Treat Holiday Box Feast

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

This holiday, Pizza Hut is stacking together a family feast and packing them into a festive box to kick off the yuletide festivities. 


Pizza Hut's Triple Treat Box features two medium one-topping pizzas, 10 Cinnabon Minis, and five savory breadsticks.

Consider this a light snack for a small family or a pretty sweet feast for those flying solo this year. 

You can pick up a Triple Treat Box at your local Pizza Hut for $20.99. If you want to upgrade the type of pizza you're ordering, such as pan crust, there may be an up-charge. 

Gives us something to nibble on as we're doing our last-minute holiday shopping online with a Christmas movie in the background.  Jingle All The Way is due for a rewatch this year.