P'Zones Are Officially Coming Back To Pizza Hut Menus

If you've been waiting for P'Zones to return to Pizza Hut menus in the USA, your patience has finally paid off.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

The cult-favorite take on the calzone is coming to menus nationwide starting today as a part of the chain's March Madness Lineup. Three flavors of the cheesy dough-filled pockets will be available, including Pepperoni, Meaty, and Supremo. They'll be served with marinara sauce for dipping.


For those wondering, P'Zones last came back to menus in 2011, when they stuck around for a bit before finally being discontinued. They've been on and off the menu since their debut in 2002.

For this release, you can expect the P'Zones to be available at least through the March Madness NCAA tournaments. Pizza Hut didn't provide a more specific timeline than that, but also isn't officially calling this a limited-time option. Thus, they could be around for the long haul afterward, so who knows?

P'Zones will be sold individually, but the Pepperoni version will also be part of Pizza Hut's $5 Lineup as well as on the regular menu.