Pizza Hut Coddles New Gluten-Free Pizza, Domino's Gluten-y Hands Still Molesting Ingredients


Pizza Hut announced a new gluten-free pizza today (National Gluten-Free Day), two whole years after Domino’s entered the gluten-free market. Unlike Domino’s, Pizza Hut is actually doing everything within their power to keep these specialty pizzas away from gluten.


Apparently, Domino’s does not care that much about the 18 million Americans with gluten sensitivities. Their compassion starts and ends with a gluten-free crust which is not effectively protected from gluten exposure in the kitchen, particularly as toppings are added.


Following in the footsteps of pizza brands like California Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Hut is outfitting about 38 percent of their US stores with "Gluten-Free Kits" complete with special gloves, utensils, and dedicated ingredients (marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni). They also place the pies on parchment paper in the oven for additional protection. Depending on your gluten sensitivity, you can simply use the crust as a base for a more complex pizza.

Both companies do not advise patrons suffering from celiac disease to try their gluten-free options, but at least Pizza Hut is trying to rise to the occasion. It's like Domino's realized they would never be able to make a 100 percent gluten-free pizza, so they just threw in the towel after they made the crust.


You can order a 10-inch gluten-free pizza from Pizza Hut beginning January 26.