Dip Your Pizza Into Ranch that Tastes Like Pizza Dipped in Ranch

Pizza and ranch is an indulgent combination of savory and creamy flavors. My pizza order isn't complete without several ranch sauces on the side to dip at my heart's desire. Pizza lovers alike covet this legendary team.

But here we are in 2019 and this classic pairing has just been dethroned for an ambitious fusion. Hidden Valley Ranch just revolutionized the way we dip our pizza by releasing a brand new Ranch-Dipped Pizza flavor, part of their Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauce line. It's the sauce I didn't know I wanted or needed, but here I am, drooling over the opportunity to have extra pizza flavor on my pizza — via the omnipotent sauce that is ranch.

Take a moment to consider the possibilities. You could have the taste of pepperoni on Hawaiian pizza, sausage pizza, even anchovy pizza. Or why stop there? Put it on your fries, your burger, your hot wings!


This new dip's comrades include a Buffalo Ranch and a Zestier Ranch, meaning twice the garlic and twice the onion. Imagine a pizza party with all three and the savory freedom to fuse them into the ultimate sauce.

I think this is what the founding fathers meant when they devised the American dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of pizza-flavored ranch.