'Pedialyte For Adults' Now Exists For Those Wanting A Quick Fix To Their Hangovers

Pedialyte, the electrolyte drink of our childhood, has suddenly become THE one-in-all drink of pop culture. You'll find it in pro sports locker rooms for rehydration and in all of our fridges to help us get through hangovers.

It's always been a product meant for children and babies, but with the massive surge in popularity with adults over the past few years, Pedialyte's parent company Abbott has finally decided to make one for the older demographic as well.


Photo courtesy of Abbott

Called Pedialyte Sparkling Rush, the product consists of a powdered sparkling drink mix that you can add to your water while on the go. You add a packed to a bottle of water, give it 10 seconds to disperse, and enjoy the hydration and electrolytes it provides.


Pedialyte itself actually isn't a true "hangover cure," because nothing outside of drinking less alcohol and staying hydrated really is. However, it does help you get past the headaches and other symptoms of dehydration that come with a late night out. This adult version comes with double the electrolytes and half the sugars of other sports drinks, according to a press release, meaning that it can further help with hydration while adding less carbs to your daily intake.

Abbott told USA Today that the new Sparkling Rush was based off of adults who post on social media that they use Pedialyte to get past hangovers, and regularly advertises themselves as a way to rehydrate fast following those big parties.

You can find this new "adult Pedialyte" in cherry and grape flavors at Target and Meijer stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon.